Defender 110 Decals

Defender NAS 110 factory decals are hard, if not impossible, to find. A bit of search will result in finding the main front decal and LR oval tags, but finding anything resembling the original "Unleaded Only" decal is a dead-end street.

For this reason, I decided to produce my own DIY decal using two of the last remaining letters from the stock decal. Identifying the original/stock font was a whole other story by itself. It required many tests and trials to get the size and font right.

Manila folders work great, both in terms of thickness (paper weight) and color. They are also pliable enough to pass through a laser printer when fed through the single sheet feeder. An ink jet printer will not do the job as inkjet ink/toner will smear upon contact with water. Next, I printed the letters using the same font as the two stock letters I had preserved. I suggest you do the same since font and spacing of your lettering may differ slightly. Stock Decal: The stock decal imprint on the panel was 2.27" wide by 0.77" long. So I used a 300dpi resolution to reprint the fonts allowing enough spacing between letters and from the edge of the decal to stay as true to the original printing as possible. After tests and trials, I decided to use the "impact" font which seems authentic, if not a perfect match to stock. I then cut the decal and spray painted both sides of the sheet with Gloss Clear Rustolium epoxy paint. Three layers of clear gloss and the end result is ready to be glued using industrial CA glue to the appropriate spot on the panel next to the fuel cap.

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