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Defender 110 - 1993 North American Specification (NAS)

In 1993 Land Rover introduced the Defender 110 in United States and Canada, a nine passenger British four wheel drive utility vehicle. To meet and comply with the US Department of Transportation regulations regarding crash safety and lighting, NAS Defenders were extensively modified.

A limited edition of 500 Defender 110s were originally brought into the US, each fitted with 3.9-litre V8 petrol engine, 5-speed manual transmission, emissions control gear, full external roll-cage, large side-indicator and tail-lights, factory air conditioning, and aluminum body panels. All were painted white except two, black.

NAS Defenders are mostly hand assembled and all major body panels and sub-assemblies simply bolt together. This method of manufacturing has become increasingly expensive relative to unibody and modular construction. The Defender can be literally taken apart down to the chassis using simple hand tools and there are no irreplaceable stress points. "110" refers to the Defender's 110-inch-long wheelbase. Vehicle Identification Numbers start with "SALLD128..." is an independently owned and operated web site intended to help Defender 110 owners and is not associated with any manufacturer, vendor, or commercial entity unless otherwise mentioned clearly. We do not endorse vendors or products unless we test them, use them, like them, and find sharing the information beneficial to other Defender 110 owners. Visitors may view and use this web site at their own risk. All information and content here is provided for free. All rights reserved. Copyright