Defender 110 Fuel Tank

The Fuel Tank is just as important to the productivity of your NAS Defender 110 as the engine or the transmission. If obstructed due to poor ventilation or excessive internal corrosion, it can leave you stranded.

The single vented fuel tank on your Defender has a 20.4 gallon high octane unleaded fuel capacity. Considering the fuel consumption rate of the stock V8 3.9 liter engine, this fuel tank will accommodate uninterrupted city driving up to 204 accumulated miles or up to 244.8 miles of highway travel.

A clean and well maintained fuel tank improves engine performance and reliability. A variety of manufacturers provide fuel additives that can be simply poured into the fuel tank to remove combustible fuel and fuel line residue, to internally recoat fuel delivery components, and to protect all components, including the fuel tank itself against mild rust and corrosion. Consult your local auto parts dealer for the variety of options in your area. The V8 engine in your Defender is a derivative of the Buick 215 engine introduced in 1961. Consequently, over the counter additives should be easy to find locally. Visit RoversNorth for OEM or Proline fuel tanks for your NAS Defender. surfaces and on all types of fuel rank materials,

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