Defender 110 Transportation Considerations

Bought it - Now What? Finding an available NAS 110 can be difficult. Finding the ideal transportation company to deliver your 110 home can be even more of a challenge.

It's not unusual to purchase your Defender from out of state, mainly because a suitable 110 is hard to find locally at times. Here's a short list of transportation companies to call for a quote:

  1. Dependable Auto Shippers (huge network)
  2. Express Auto Transport (good pricing)
  3. Barnes Auto Transport (110 specialist)

Size, Price, & Options: The Defender 110 NAS 1993 is 90" tall from ground to top of the stock rack. Wheelbase 110", Track width 58.5", Length 181.1", Width 70.5", Height 90", Height (rack removed) 81.3".

Considering its footprint, the choice of transporters is limited. Many cannot accommodate the height. For this reason also, most transporters will attempt to add extra fees in order to assure that someone in their dispatch network will take the job, pick up and deliver the vehicle. The price is jacked up, so what would normally cost $900 from east to west coast, ends up costing $1280. I hired Express Auto Transport when I purchased my 110. They missed one schedule for pick up due to internal errors at the company and so I was told that a new dispatch would be placed on day 12. The actual door to door pick up and delivery took only 5 days, while the job itself took over 24 days. That was a while ago, maybe they have an improved dispatch system now.

Last contacted, all three companies were fully insured and bonded. Dependable Auto Shippers was unable to route my calls after three attempts, and, finally, on my last try they quoted me higher than the other two companies. There are a variety of shipping companies and option available. Enclosed transportation, for example, is a wise option for those who don't mind spending a few hundred extra bucks to get their collectible car delivered intact.

Door-to-Door Delivery! Another option is to have door-to-door pick up and delivery service, versus having your vehicle picked up at one branch center and dropped off at another.

Some companies, like Express Auto Transport, require an up-front deposit at sign-up before pick-up is even scheduled. If you decide this is too much up-front commitment, then there are plenty of alternatives out there.

Whatever you choose, I suggest doing your homework ahead of time and asking the right questions before signing an agreement or handing out your credit card for the initial deposit. It goes without saying, but a penny's worth of research ahead of time can save you pounds of headache.

Big Rig Limitations: A rig such as the one pictured here is well over 80 feet in length. Therefore, it cannot drive through tight streets where there are tree branches and other obstructions. Some drivers park their rigs at a hotel or a stop, take a taxi down to the pick up destination, inspect the vehicle with the seller, obtain a release signature, and drive the vehicle back to where the rig is parked. There, they stow the vehicle on the rig and continue their route. I recall, once my driver arrived at the delivery site, he decided to park at the main intersection instead of turning off the main road. In this way, he left enough room for properly and safely unloading the 110, as well as simplifying his departure. These rigs are not built to climb steep hills or to make U-turns. Speak with your driver ahead of time so he can arrange the best route to your door-step (or as close to your door-step as possible) before he gets there.

Inspection Pictures upon Delivery: It's always a good idea to take pictures of your vehicle upon delivery, especially if you did not personally inspect the vehicle before pick-up. Any picture taken upon delivery can be used to identify the condition of the vehicle as it was handed to you. This will help resolve any damages caused during shipping or help settle issues with previous owner if the vehicle does not meet your expectations.

There are independent inspection companies that will inspect and sign for your vehicle remotely in the event you yourself cannot inspect the vehicle prior to purchase or delivery. A vehicle seen only in a few pictures can end up a disappointment upon delivery if purchased uninspected.

As for the financial transaction aspect of purchasing a Defender from out of state, the new owner may want to consider hiring an escrow company to handle the transaction on both parties' behalf or ask someone they trust to handle the transaction for them remotely.

DMV Care: Local DMV should be contacted prior to purchase to determine smog and registration rules, taxes, and fees. A numbered Defender 110 (as in all legal NAS 93 110's in circulation in the US) should have a VIN number that matches in the NAS number registry database. To further verify authenticity of the vehicle, one can always contact the manufacturer and obtain valid and verifiable proof of registration from the previous owner. Information obtained may then be verified by the DMV of the state of origin.

Last but not the least, before you buy, call your insurance company to determine your rates. Chances are you'll be surprised to find out how reasonable the rates are to cover a registered 110.

Collectible or Not? Another option available through insurance is to claim your 110 as a collectible vehicle and have it classified as one by your insurer. Each insurance company has its own restrictions and guidelines on this. Call to determine whatever suits your needs best. Generally speaking, a collectible vehicle costs more to insure than one that is not claimed as such.

NAS Defender 110 arrival from out of state.

The driver told me that it spotted every vehicle underneath it with motor oil due to a leak. Luckily, the Defender can never be placed on the bottom rack - it won't fit!

Chances are, every Defender 110 with a stock rack, delivered on a comparable rig, will be delivered stationed on the last rear spot of the upper deck due to its height.

This 110 went through three blizzards on its trip from the east coast. Due to severe cold weather conditions and lack of lubricant, the rear door latch was jammed on arrival.

Notice the road and the parking area. The rig is over 80 feet long. Room to unload is essential.

The deck is lowered and the front holding straps removed, ready to unload.

Defender 110 NAS 93 delivered, resting along with its smaller cousin, Disco II 03.

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