Defender 110 Tail Lights

If you've ever wondered how to remove the tail light covers on the rear of your NAS Defender 110, then you're amongst many baffled by the simplicity of the design. With or without metal protective tail light guards, to replace a rear tail light lamp, simply pull open the rubber trim around each light cover as shown to the left. Once the rubber trim is loose, you can gently separate and remove the lamp cover and replace lamps. Excessive force to remove the covers may result in damaging the assembly, so proceed with care.

Each tail light is accessed in the same manner. The Defender 110 NAS 93 stock tail lights are square shaped. Some earlier and older models use rounded lights where the cover maybe unscrewed instead, with no rubber boots to remove. The inside rear door brake lamp (not shown here), mounted to the top of the rear door glass, may be simply unscrewed and back panel removed. Once removed, replace lamps as needed.

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