Defender 110 Transfer Box

There are many types of LT230 transfer box/cases available, all of which are available to order at Ashcroft Transmission in the UK. Shown below is an LT230T rebuilt transmission upon arrival. The most common LT230T gear ratios comprise of 1.410 ratio and 1.211/210 ratio. All stock LT 230"s have a low ratio of 3.321.

Shown above and below, transmission (gear box and transfer case) removed from Defender 110. If you are located in southern California, then visit the links page for a list of local repair shops around Los Angeles. Shown to the right, a transfer case as seen from under body. Note the location of the drain plug and fill plug with yellow markings.

Shown above, the main input shaft (FTC5089) of the LT230 takes the drive from gearbox main shaft to transfer box.

Damaged input shaft shown next to new unit above. The damage was caused due to a failing gearbox (LT77S) with bad synchromesh on the fifth gear. Excessive driving under such condition will severely damage both the input shaft and the LT77S's main shaft.

When upgrading your NAS Defender 110 to R380 gearbox or rebuilding existing LT77S pay attention to examining the input gear for signs of excessive wear or damage. You will experience clunking when changing gears if this part is worn. Make sure to also order the input gear main bearings when replacing the unit. Use transfer box number for identification. Be careful on identification as there is a longer 135mm, 26 tooth type fitted to some LT230s mated to the R380 gearbox. All Defender 110 NAS 93 vehicles were originally fitted with the LT77S gearbox and LT230 input shaft FTC5089.

Shown above, transfer case as seen from under body. Note the location of oil drain plug and fill plug with yellow markings. Refer to LT77S gearbox and R380 page for more information regarding other transmission components. Also see engine, gearbox, and specifications for more information.

List of Serial numbers and higher than stock corresponding Ratios: 12D = 1.667 LT 230, 13D = 1.410 LT 230R, 14D = 1.003 LT 230R, 15D = 1.192 LT 230R, 20D = 1.667 (2.5 N/A 110), 22D = 1.410 (all 4Cyl 90/110 bar above), 25D = 1.410 (V8 110 LT 85), 43D = 1.410 (90/110 TD5), 57D = 1.410 (90/110 TD5). LT 230 Transfer case comparisons: 1.003 > 1.222 = 17.92% Drop, 1.003 > 1.410 = 28.86% Drop, 1.003 > 1.667 = 39.83% Drop, 1.222 > 1.003 = 21.80% Raise, 1.222 > 1.410 = 13.33% Drop, 1.222 > 1.667 = 26.70% Drop, 1.410 > 1.003 = 40.57% Raise, 1.410 > 1.222 = 15.38% Raise, 1.410 > 1.667 = 15.41% Drop, 1.667 > 1.003 = 66.20% Raise, 1.667 > 1.222 = 36.41% Raise, 1.667 > 1.410 = 18.22% Raise.

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