Defender 110 Heat & Noise Insulation

The NAS Defender 110 provides little to no insulation against noise or heat entering or existing the cabin area which may mount to annoyance or discomfort at times. A quick experiment so to understand the problem, turn the radio on, tune to a channel you like, adjust volume to mid decibel, and drive about 35mph with the windows all the way up. The noise level at such speed is acceptable and tolerable to most. Now enter the freeway, rev up to 70mph and drive for 20 to 30 minutes minutes none stop. You will quickly notice three things, 1) you can no longer comprehensively enjoy the radio at mid decibel 2) your feet are getting warm, 3) touching the underseat/metal framing of the battery compartment burns your hands. All this is the direct result of lack of proper insulation.

Insulation options are many and costs vary depending on method of application, material, and the size and goal of your project. Considering that the Defender is a utility vehicle in a class of its own, not a luxury SUV, it is important not to get carried away trying to make your Defender something it was never intended to be. In order for insulation to work best structural components and aerodynamics have to be engineered into a vehicle from the chassis up. The Defender was designed so it can be literally taken apart using ordinary hand tools. Its advantages are unique to the Defender. The stock Defender came ready for water fording, the doors hold a tight seal against water entering the cabin, the vehicle can climb and descent and float with exceptional authority, point being, if you plan to insulate your Defender, plan wisely and keep expectations reasonable. Be advised, It is not possible to completely sound/climate proof any vehicle. It is however possible to reduce both significantly. Whether you're an audio enthusiast, simply looking for a quieter ride, or trying to keep external heat from entering or exiting the cabin, insulating your Defender will result in great improvement.

Dynamat, FatMat, and Peel & Seal, are such products, very popular, with Dynamat being the most expensive, Fat Mat costing half, and Peel & Seal costing a fraction of either two. Both DynaMat and Fat Mat are sold in sheets. Peel & Seal is sold in rolls of 6" by 25' for under $20 at Lowe's hardware stores, in the roofing department. All three Alloy/foam padded products must be applied over cleaned surface. They can be applied with hand, fingers, and soft tools. All three products are self adhesive, simply peel and apply as many layers as you need.

Shown above, Peel & Seal insulation is installed underbody covering the tunnel area around the bell housing and under front seats to shield against unwanted engine and exhaust heat entering the cabin. Insulation may be custom fitted inside door panels, under carpet, roof, and so on to enhance internal audio quality and to minimize external noise from entering the cabin.

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